Established in 2018, Bernard-MLab is a blog about my adventures transiting from finance to data science. This site serves to document my analytics & digital marketing learning journey in the digital marketing world, and sharing them with my readers.

Bernard Yeo

Hello! I’m Bernard, main author of Bernard-MLab. As an data analyst at a digital agency, the tool I used at work includes Python, R, Google Data Studio, Google Cloud Platform.

Prior to making the transition over to digital marketing, I have 10 years of experience within the banking and finance industry, from post trade execution to managing institutional client accounts.

I am currently based in Singapore, and was a teaching assistant with General Assembly Data Science Immersive. I enjoy meeting people with similar interests over a cup of coffee. Always interested to learn what others are doing and how I can help.

Freelance work

I’m available for freelance digital marketing and campaign analysis. To see my experience, please view my Linkedin profile. I can be contacted about freelance opportunities at bernard.yeo@bernard-mlab.com.